SIMPLEX splitting maul

SIMPLEX splitting maul

EH 3007.

with cast iron housing and hickory handle

SIMPLEX insert

EH 3210.

Hickory handle

EH 3244.

for SIMPLEX splitting maul

Superplastic insert

EH 3207.

for SIMPLEX splitting maul

SIMPLEX splitting maul

Bearing the “Made in Germany” quality seal, the SIMPLEX soft-face mallet is still considered the gold standard by which other soft-face mallets are measured when it comes to quality, versatility, and reliability across a wide range of applications in trade and industry. The "SIMPLEX splitting maul" demonstrates that even after more than 80 years, Erwin Halder KG still has plenty of ideas!

Quick – easy – safe: The new "SIMPLEX splitting maul"

Based on tried and tested SIMPLEX technology, in its SIMPLEX splitting maul, Halder has developed a clever combination tool for safe and rapid splitting of 1-metre logs. 

The advantages of the SIMPLEX splitting maul are evident:

  • Two tools in one
  • Cost savings compared with separate purchase of splitting maul and soft-face mallet
  • Forged and carefully hardened reversible steel insert with turned nose, made from premium carbon steel.
  • Premium hickory handle
  • Includes robust leather blade guard
  • Patented attachment of steel insert in hammer housing
  • Improved on-the-job safety: strikes on steel/aluminium wedges will not damage/splitter the wedges, thanks to the superplastic insert.
  • Replacing worn inserts or damaged wooden handles is quick and easy, and can be performed by the user.
  • The housing with solid handle protection sleeve keeps the handle from breaking if the strike is missed.
  • KWF-certified (KWF test)
  • GS-certified by the VPA Remscheid institute.
  • Made in Germany

Areas of application:

  • Manual wood harvesting with motor
  • Safe and material-friendly way to drive in wedges
  • For wedge splitting during felling
  • Splitting one-metre logs
  • Driving-in wooden stakes
  • “Making firewood” for professionals and private users.

The SIMPLEX splitting maul was honoured with the “Forestry Equipment Award”.