Sledge Hammers
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Sledge Hammers

SIMPLEX Sledge Hammers

SIMPLEX sledge hammer

Original SIMPLEX sledge hammers are dependable quality tools that are exceptionally well suited for an extensive range of applications in trade thanks to their outstanding versatility, flexibility and flawless workmanship.

For use in horticulture and landscaping, tent/hall construction and for setting curbstones or driving in wedges - the SIMPLEX sledge hammer proves to be exceedingly useful across a wide range of applications and is viewed as the “gold standard” in the world of sledge hammers.

The handle is crafted from “tough-as-nails” hickory, while the housing and the insert are, respectively, made of cast iron and medium-hard superplastic, which is particularly shatter-proof and impact-resistant. Replacing inserts that have worn down is exceptionally quick and easy. The SIMPLEX sledge hammer is available with an impact head diameter of up to 140 mm and a maximum weight of 7.3 kg.