Soft-Face Mallets, non-rebound
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Soft-Face Mallets, non-rebound

SUPERCRAFT / BLACKCRAFT / SECURAL Soft-Face Mallets and Drop-mallets

SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallets, non-rebound

Non-rebound, i.e. the head tube of the SUPERCRAFT mallet is filled with steel shot. As a result, the mallet will not rebound after striking the workpiece. The full impact force is transferred to the workpiece that is being processed. Non-rebound mallets allow for fatigue-free work that is easy on the joints.

The replaceable, wear-resistant nylon inserts made of special extruded nylon material are both gentle on the workpiece and reduce the noise generated by strikes on metal workpieces. They are also an exceptionally good choice for strikes on sharp-edged parts.

The primary fields of application for our non-rebound SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallets are installation and repairs in the automotive sector, straightening work, sheet-metal working, and general installation operations involving metal materials.

The non-rebound SUPERCRAFT soft-face mallets are available with 3 different handle options:

  • with hickory handle
  • with a steel tube handle plus rubber grip
  • with ergonomically shaped, non-slip 3-component handle (fibre-glass reinforced)

All SUPERCRAFT mallets have been certified by the VPA Remscheid test institute and bear the “GS” safety certification stamp.

BLACKCRAFT soft-face mallet, non-rebound

The BLACKCRAFT is also a non-rebound soft-face mallet. It is also completely PUR-coated.

SECURAL soft-face mallet, non-rebound

The SECURAL has a rectangular impact surface and is particularly suitable for work in corners and edges.

Drop-mallet, non-rebound

The non-rebound drop-mallet is, in effect, a soft-face mallet without a handle, allowing the user to hold the hammer head directly in the hand. Suitable for use in situations where limited accessibility makes it impossible to work with a mallet, they are also ideal for applying exactly the amount of impact force that is needed for striking the workpiece with perfect precision and for working with minimum force.