Clamps according to DIN 6314, DIN 6315 or DIN 6316

Clamps are clamping elements according to DIN or company standards. Clamps which belong to the so-called mechanical clamping devices, are often also called clamping claws. Clamps can be used in a wide range of industries for many applications, e.g. for fixing workpieces on a device.

The extensive product range includes various versions from stock:

  • Clamps, DIN 6314 flat
  • Clamps, DIN 6315 B forked
  • Clamps, DIN 6316 with goose-neck
  • Clamps, stepped
  • Clamps, with nose, closed
  • Clamps, with flat-faced ball, similar to DIN 6314
  • Clamps, with nose
  • Clamps, with soft face, similar to 6314
  • Clamps, with exchangeable soft jaw

As accessories we offer:

  • Supporting elements for clamps