Eccentric Clamping Elements

Eccentric Clamping Elements for Workholing

Eccentric clamping elements are clamping elements according to company standards. Eccentric clamping elements, which belong to the so-called mechanical clamping devices, are often also called eccentric clamps. Eccentric clamping elements can be used in workholding systems for many applications.

The extensive product range includes various versions from stock:

  • Eccentric clamping clamps
  • Eccentric clamping washers
  • Eccentric clamps
  • Bilateral eccentric levers with fulcrum pin
  • Eccentric levers with fulcrum pin
  • Eccentric quick clamps with female thread
  • Eccentric quick clamps with screw
  • Fulcrum pins
  • Eccentric clamps
  • Eccentric clamping mudules with shaft location