Positioning Clamping Elements
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Positioning Clamping Elements

Positioning clamping elements (positioning clamping pins) for centring and clamping

Positioning clamping elemts allow fast clamping, fastening, adjusting, changing and securing of workpieces, plates, fixture systems, for quick change of vices on the machine table etc. The positioning clamping elements include the positioning clamping pin, which is also referred to as a clamping pin or zero-point clamping systems. Zero-point clamping systems also belong to the product range of positioning clamping elements.

Positioning Clamping Pins

By tightening the clamping bolt, the positioning clamping pin is centred and clamped in the locating bushing by means of four balls. The clamping bolt can be operated manually via a removable handle or using a hexagon key.

The extensive product range includes various versions from stock:

  • Positioning clamping pins
  • Manual handle for positioning clamping pins (operating tool; alternative to Allen key)
  • Bushings for positioning clamping pins
  • Locating bushings for positioning clamping pins, for press fit
  • Locating bushings for positioning clamping pins, for screw fit

Product benefits at a glance:

  • Benefits thanks to spring pre-loading: VLow-wear,  clamping balls and locating hole are protected from being overloaded, no overstressing of the clamping bolt, preventing the pin from jamming.
  • Dampens vibrations during machining.
  • Protection against accidental release of the pin (e.g. due to vibration).
  • High repeatability of ± 0.03 mm.
  • Handling facilitated during installation / disassembly thanks to spanner flats and knurls.
  • Flat construction height.
  • Operation by using a hex key or the optional handle.