Lateral Spring Plungers

Lateral Plungers, spring-loaded

Lateral spring plungers are laterally acting spring elements with ball, pin, female thread (to retain specific elements) or spring steel sheet. Lateral spring plungers are often referred to as mounting spring blocks. They can be used in a wide range of industrial sectors for many applications, including positioning, fixing and pressing.

The extensive product range includes various versions from stock:

  • Smooth version for press-in or with thread for screw-in
  • With lateral ball / lateral spring steel sheet (one-sided / double-sided), pin, female thread to retain  customized elements
  • Without seal respectively with seal to protect against chipping and dirt
  • Different spring loads (light, standard, heavy)
  • Body made of steel, aluminium or plastic
  • Pin (thrust pin) of steel, stainless steel or thermoplastic

As accessories we offer:

  • Eccentric Mounting Bushingsfor lateral plungers, smooth

In addition to a metric product range, selected designs are also available in inch dimensions.

For special applications, special versions can also be engineered and manufactured.