Adjustable Clamping Levers

Adjustable Clamping Levers

Adjustable clamping levers are tension levers that come with an adjustable grip. Adjustable clamping levers are also frequently called clamping levers or tension levers. They are suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries, e.g. locating, tensioning and clamping parts.

Our extensive in-stock product range includes an abundance of different models:

  • With female thread or screw
  • Inner parts made from steel or stainless steel
  • Various grip colours (orange, black, grey)

We also carry a model with an axial bearing that is suitable for specific application scenarios. The advantages of adjustable clamping levers with axial bearing are:

  • Twice the clamping force with the same lever size thanks to reduced surface friction.
  • Protection of workpiece on account of a fixed locating surface.
  • Negligible setting thanks to higher pre-clamping force of bolt / thread.