Horizontal Clamping Elements

Horizontal clamping elements (mechanical clamping elements) for horizontal workpiece clamping

Horizontal clamping elements are clamping elements according to company standards. Horizontal clamping elements, which belong to the so-called mechanical clamping devices, are often also called horizontal toggle clamps. Horizontal clamping elements can be used in a wide range of industries for many applications, e.g. for fixing workpieces on a device.

The extensive product range includes various versions from stock:

  • Down-hold clamps with cranked tension lever 
  • Down-hold clamps without tension lever 
  • Down-hold clamps without tension lever, with support 
  • Sub-part clamps
  • Push-pull clamps
  • Push plungers with pin, protected against rotating 
  • Locating clamps
  • Clamping vices
  • Stabilizing clamping jaws 
  • Taper clamping units
  • Double edge clamps
  • Double edge clamps, machinable chucks 
  • Stops, cylindrical
  • Pitbull® clamps
  • Clamping claws
  • Stops

As accessories we offer:

  • Holding plates for down-hold clamps 
  • Standard jaws for vices 
  • Interchangeable jaws for vices, with pull-down effect 
  • Coverings for taper clamping units 
  • Supporting plates