SECURAL soft-face mallet
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SECURAL soft-face mallet


SECURAL soft-face mallet, non-rebound

The SECURAL soft-face mallet is a patented non-rebound soft-face mallet that comes with a sturdy sheet-metal housing and an ergonomically shaped rubber grip. Thanks to its replaceable rectangular inserts (30x40 mm) made of polyurethane, the SECURAL possesses a significant edge over conventional hammers when it comes to working in corners and on edges.

Non-rebound, i.e. the head of the mallet is filled with steel shot. This prevents the mallet from bouncing back when it strikes a workpiece. The full impact force is transferred to the workpiece that is being processed. The SECURAL soft-face mallet, thus, allows for fatigue-free work that is easy on the joints.

The SECURAL is produced in one common size only. Dimensions 30x40 mm, weight: 700 g.

The SECURAL's primary field of application is the metal working industry where it is used for installations and repairs. It is, however, also particularly well suited for installing wood and laminate flooring.