Retrieval Systems

Retrieval systems for sensor-based position control

Systems for detecting the position of a workpiece on a device or component in the end position. The retrieval sensors are used for position control during process monitoring. The process data can be transmitted by radio transfer.

Monitoring Unit

Position control or position monitoring on a device for pre-machined workpieces or of components in the end position by means of compressed air.

The system is controlled by compressed air back pressure and is digitally displayed on the monitoring unit (back pressure sensor). Optionally, the monitoring unit can be connected to the steering of the machine.

Positioning sensors are used for retrieval. The extensive product range of supports for workholding systems includes various designs from stock:

  • Support with flat surface (similar to seating pins DIN 6321)
  • Support with oscillating ball with flat / ribbed surface (similar to self-aligning pads EH 22730.)
  • Version with holding plates – for the simplified substructure

Retrieval Unit

Digital workpiece monitoring - optionally also wireless. The intelligent networked system for position monitoring within the scope of process monitoring in the future-oriented Industry 4.0 Standard.

The retrieval unit is used to check the position of a workpiece. The unit can be quickly and easily installed or removed in a fixture in combination with other support elements. A compact sensor checks whether a workpiece or a component is in contact at certain positions in a workholding system.

The system can be extended to retrieve several positions. The information is provided via an electrical signal. The signal can be transmitted both via a cable or radio connection. An additional transmitter and receiver unit with antenna is required for the signal transmission via radio connection.

The retrieval unit is used in combination with a seating element that is installed in the unit. From Halder's range of standard parts the pins (EH 22690.) are suitable.

The position is monitored by a sensor and an electrical signal is transmitted to the steering.

The extensive product range includes all the necessary components for sensor-based clamping technology from stock:

  • Retrieval unit with sensor including connecting cable with plug / bushing
  • Seating pins
  • Seating pins with plastic bearing surface
  • Radio transmitter
  • Radio receiver